3 Musketeers First bath!

Our puppies are named for the 3 Musketeers; 3 brown boys are Porthos, Aramis and Athos. D’Artagnan is the light color boy, Constance is the brown girl and Milady de Winter in the light girl.

Milady is a good girl for her first bath.
Porthos enjoyed being wrapped in a soft towel to be dried off.

2 weeks birthday

At 2 weeks, puppies still don’t have eyes open, but I expect to start seeing “peepers” by tomorrow. It takes a couple days for eyes and ears to open, and then life for pups really changes. Stay tuned . . . .

red collar puppy
purple collar
blue collar
tan collar
white collar
yellow collar

Did you know? Fun facts:

From the time of breeding, puppies take about 59 to 63 days to be born.

Puppies are born unable to see or hear. In the Lagotto, they usually open around 2 weeks to 15 days.

Puppies can scoot around quite well searching for food. They have a good sense of smell and warmth.

Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature for about 2 weeks, so they must be kept from drafts and cold. We keep a puppy heating pad under the kiddy pool where they were born.

Mama eats about 5 times a day to keep up with her hungry babies.