About Shivaree Wheaten Terriers and Lagotto Romagnolo (est. 1993)

As an exhibitor breeder of Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers since 1993, I wanted to find a similar sized breed that would not be brought with the health issues of the Wheatens. The Lagotto Ropmagnolo was not known by many in the US in the early 2000’s due to the It aliens who wanted to keep their breed on there own shores. By 2005, after a couple year’s research, I was able to import the first Lagotto into the state of Arizona from Croatia from a breeder who trusted I would take care of this special breed. I, and a close breeder friend from Wheaten days agreed to import a dog to help start a breeding program. A national dog magazine wanted to highlight our breed in late 2006, so I gathered a passionate group of folks new to the breed also, to form a National Breed Club which was incorporated in early 2007.

I love this breed for its love of owners, its work ethic, its trainability coupled with moderate size and lovely non-shedding curly coat. Such a great package. In the club, I served as Founding President, Health Committee, as President again, and still working on Health, among other things. I believe the best protection for any breed is the willingness of the dog owners to band together.

I continue to work in the area of Judge’s Education, Breed Standard, Health Committee chair, and mentoring those newer to the breed.

My dogs are each a treasure to me and I currently have my Italian import Vando (Cry Out VID Orvando at Shivaree) who is approaching 15 years of age. In his career, this old man of a dog has shown to IABCA (International All-Breed Club of America) Junior and Adult International Championships, before we were accepted in the American Kennel Club. He sired two wonderful litters, one girl of which was the foundation bitch of dei Allegro, who has gone on to produce several AKC Champions. He was certified in 2013 as a Comfort and Crisis Response Dog and 2014 he passed 4 hours of testing to become a registered Therapy Dog with ATD, Inc; (Association of Therapy Dogs, Inc.). Because of Vando’s Lagotto intelligence and sensitivity, he excelled in working with youth in Juvenile Detention in Arizona and Texas, and with At-Risk Children in AZ school systems, and as a READ dog in TX school system. Because of Covid, Vando has retired in 2022.

Ori (Shivaree Regina di Cuori or Queen of Hearts in Italian) is 3rd generation of my breeding. I am proud of how correct she is as a “typey” Lagotto bitch. She has a fantastic nose to find things, loves to play the game of searching, which is what a truffle hunting dog should have.

I have worked hard over the nearing 20 years in this breed to bring good genes, good temperaments, good socialization to those who love the breed as I do. I am in full support of our club goals to work to this same end.

Updated January 17, 2022

The founding of Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America

At the beginning of 2007, several Lagotto owners decided to get together to form a national breed club; Lagotto Club of America. The (now named to satisfy the AKC) Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America’s mission is to preserve and protect this wonderful breed in the USA. We began taking memberships early in 2007 and hope that everyone who has a Lagotto or hopes to have one will join us. Judith is the Founding President of LCA and served as Past President, Membership Chair and on the Health Committee and Awards Committee. Judith designed the original club logo which was changed when the AKC accepted Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America as the official parent club for the breed.. She is the past editor of the club newsletter, Bollettino. She also serves on the Judges Education Committee and is the club President in 2017. You can visit the LRCA here.

More About Us

We have also owned, shown and bred Champion Soft Coated Wheatens Terriers since 1993 and our registration name for both Wheatens and Lagotti is Shivaree. Shivaree means “noisy celebration” which describes our dogs quite well. Our last Wheaten (above), AKC Champion Andover Felicity CGC, “Lissi” used to detest water and even being near water. After living her last few years with water dogs, she joined in daily dips in the kiddy pool in the dog run. This photo of Lissi was taken when she still hated the water. I was building our water garden and she walked all the way around the edge of the pond to come over to say hi and give me a kiss. Lissi passed at age 13 in Spring 2011.

To learn more about Wheaten Terriers, please visit the national club website.

Updated January 17, 2022