3 Musketeers First bath!

Our puppies are named for the 3 Musketeers; 3 brown boys are Porthos, Aramis and Athos. D’Artagnan is the light color boy, Constance is the brown girl and Milady de Winter in the light girl.

Milady is a good girl for her first bath.
Porthos enjoyed being wrapped in a soft towel to be dried off.

2 weeks birthday

At 2 weeks, puppies still don’t have eyes open, but I expect to start seeing “peepers” by tomorrow. It takes a couple days for eyes and ears to open, and then life for pups really changes. Stay tuned . . . .

red collar puppy
purple collar
blue collar
tan collar
white collar
yellow collar

Puppy Pile!

Puppies usually cannot regulate their temperatures until about 2 weeks of age so they need some assistance from mom, each other, or outside warmth. We provide a puppy heating pad in the center of the kiddie pool, so pups can move towards the heat, if they need. In this photo, the pups are piled together for warmth. We see puppies move to the heat or away, as they need.This photo is an example that pups are warm enough so they are separate in their space.