Lagotto are a wonderful breed. They are not the breed for everyone, or the answer to all folks who have allergies. They are a non-shedding breed so the coat does require trimming to stay tidy. The standard size of the Lagotto can range from 16” at the withers for females, up to 19” for males. They typically love the water and you will find them good swimming and boating partners. They are smart and agile, and love (and need) to be involved in mental and physical activities.

Please read up on Ori. She is 5 years old and I have had one litter from her. I have completed her DNA testing along with eyes, hips, elbows and patella. She has a CHIC # of which you can review her test scores online. Here is link to Ori’s test results: https://www.ofa.org/advanced-search?f=sr&appnum=2000509

We will be updating her annual eye exams soon.

Our selected stud dog is Flying Curls Jackson. Jackson is a moderate sized boy with excellent health ratings and a fabulous temperament. He is happy, playful and full of energy.

If after reading the information here on this site, and you are still interested, let me know and I will keep you updated on the progress of my next litter.  I do not ship puppies; the new owner must meet us. I require membership in Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America for families with my pups, for the life of the dog. I will want updates on the health and well being of the dog, and will be available to you for any questions or information throughout the life of the pup.

All my breeding dogs and breeding mates are CHIC# tested and I advise you to investigate any breeder you contact to make sure they only breed fully tested Lagotti.

I am listed on GoodDog as a responsible breeder.

We temperament test every litter using the Wendy Volhard Puppy Aptitude Test. I also practice Neuro-Stimulation advocated by Dr. Carmen Battaglia, developed for dogs in stress jobs such as police, drug and detection work. Here is the link again:

Our puppies are well socialized utilizing the best practices of good breeding of US and Europe. We are happy to offer references. We use “Puppy Culture” which is a newer plan for well socialized puppies that also serves the new owner. We have great success with our puppy socialization

In regards to spay/neuter, I prefer owners wait until growth plates have solidified before neutering their pet, around 13 months in the Lagotto. I have references as to why that is advisable. For potential show/breeding pups, I have certain expectations which are in keeping with responsible breeding guidelines set forth in Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America Code of Ethics. I was the club’s founding President and believe we all work together to protect this wonderful breed. I am currently serving the club on the Board of Directors.


Here are some links you might find useful:

Website for Lagotto Club of America which includes a list of breeders and Code of Ethics. I highly recommend you purchase a puppy from a club member breeder listed on LRCA website. In addition, you may want to join our club while you wait. You do not have to own a Lagotto to belong. If you are interested in buying a puppy, be sure to read the Code of Ethics:

Regardless of where you get a Lagotto, you want a puppy that is temperament tested, has early neuro-stimulation, whose parents are registered in the AKC, have been tested for JE, LSD and have hips, patella and eyes checked. Link to AKC Lagotto where all Lagotti should be registered:

There are Facebook pages for LRCA, Vando, Shivaree, and for Ori’s puppies which you may wish to join. We are in Vista, CA and invite folks to visit if in the area.

Please CONTACT us respond with ‘puppy’ in the subject followed by your last name, and city, state in the subject line. I hope to hear from you!


Some of the puppies we have raised have become show dogs as adults. Nevertheless, the shows are not the most important aspect of our dogs. The quality of our dogs and the puppies we bring into the world bring are important to our happiness and the well-being of the homes that they find. We make life-long friends even if we never actually get to see our puppies again!  We get lots of photos and videos from our puppy owners.


In order to choose the best male dogs for our females, we cooperate with the best of our United States and Italian colleagues. We want to give our puppies as much love and care as we can, and provide them with excellent healthcare. Living in the beautiful coastal area of Southern California, we have a unique environment to easily provide a healthy, active lifestyle and comfortable conditions for our dog family members. Our Lagotti are so important, and I have mentored friends who were interested in the aspect of raising beautiful canines of their own. Many thanks to all nice people who care and provide loving attention and training to all of our former puppies!

There are certain things you need to know when selecting a breeder. Questions to ask of any breeder:

• Do you test for hips, eyes, elbows and patella?
• What are the scores?
• What are the DNA test scores for Benign Familial Juvenile Epilepsy, and Lagotto Storage Disease of sire and dam? (All carriers should only be bred to a clear)
• Ask if they use Neurological Stimulation on baby puppies as suggested by Dr. Carmen Battaglia “Breeding Better Dogs”
• Ask if they temperament test all puppies with Wendy Volhard’s Puppy Aptitude Test.
• Ask if puppies are whelped and raised indoors in the home environment, and what kinds of stimulation they provide.
• Ask how many litters they produce/sell a year.
• Ask if all their dogs live inside their house.
• Ask if they are members of Lagotto Romagnolo Club of America and follow the Code of Ethics.


A breeder will be your friend for the life of your dog and will keep you updated on any health issues in the breed. You should feel comfortable with your breeder that s/he has the best interest of your puppy at heart and will do all that is possible to socialize and care for your baby puppy, and will be available to answer any of your questions about training, health, breeding or whatever you want to know about your dog.

Here is Pesca as a baby!


This page updated January 18, 2022.