The Breed

The Lagotto Romagnolo [laˈɡɔtto romaɲˈɲɔlo] (la-goe-toe roman-yo-lo) is a breed of dog that comes from the Romagna sub-region of Italy. The name means “lake dog from Romagna,” originating from the Italian word lago, meaning lake. Its traditional function is a gundog, specifically a water retriever. However, it is now the only dog, specifically bred to hunt for truffles.

We know that the Lagotto is much more than that!  Among other activities, Lagotti in the US are serving as Service Dogs; “gluten sniffing” and peanut sniffing” trained.  Many are employed as Therapy and Comfort/Crisis Response dogs.  They excel in Truffle hunting, and enjoy activities such as Nose Work, Dock Diving, Rally and other active sports.  Many love swimming, boating and retrieving. Please explore the pages in this section to learn more about this fascinating breed.