3 Musketeers First bath!

Our puppies are named for the 3 Musketeers; 3 brown boys are Porthos, Aramis and Athos. D’Artagnan is the light color boy, Constance is the brown girl and Milady de Winter in the light girl.

Milady is a good girl for her first bath.
Porthos enjoyed being wrapped in a soft towel to be dried off.

Getting big!

Puppies have gone from looking like furry slugs to looking like furry piglets.

We have now introduced a puppy nest and puppy potty pan. This is how we begin with potty training. They are starting to use it a bit. Puppies will be perfecting their potty training as time goes by. As you can see, they haven’t decided their new “nest” is for sleeping.

2 weeks birthday

At 2 weeks, puppies still don’t have eyes open, but I expect to start seeing “peepers” by tomorrow. It takes a couple days for eyes and ears to open, and then life for pups really changes. Stay tuned . . . .

red collar puppy
purple collar
blue collar
tan collar
white collar
yellow collar

Proud mama!

Ori keeps her bed and puppies so clean. The babies lined themselves this way to make an adorable photo. We selected the walk-in closet in our guest bedroom as the perfect spot to start out our litter. I chose the kiddy pool because it is easy to clean, and can be spun around to have access to all sides. This will stay the puppy home until eyes are open and puppies are able to climb out. The tool boxes on the side make a good place for me to sit and observe. I am able to sleep near mom and puppies with this arrangement. This is the easy time of having a litter; I just have to take care of mom, and she takes care of the babies. In a couple weeks, it will become more of my job.

Here Ori is having her first meal this morning. She didn’t even have to lift her head.

Puppy Pile!

Puppies usually cannot regulate their temperatures until about 2 weeks of age so they need some assistance from mom, each other, or outside warmth. We provide a puppy heating pad in the center of the kiddie pool, so pups can move towards the heat, if they need. In this photo, the pups are piled together for warmth. We see puppies move to the heat or away, as they need.This photo is an example that pups are warm enough so they are separate in their space.

Did you know? Fun facts:

From the time of breeding, puppies take about 59 to 63 days to be born.

Puppies are born unable to see or hear. In the Lagotto, they usually open around 2 weeks to 15 days.

Puppies can scoot around quite well searching for food. They have a good sense of smell and warmth.

Puppies cannot regulate their body temperature for about 2 weeks, so they must be kept from drafts and cold. We keep a puppy heating pad under the kiddy pool where they were born.

Mama eats about 5 times a day to keep up with her hungry babies.