Sore shoulder

Ori went to daycare on Thursday. Poor little one, she started limping and didn’t have interest in her supper. We have had things similar in other dogs of ours, so we just had her rest for the evening. Next day she seemed better, ate a bit more food but still not comfortable. We decided to take her to the vet this afternoon because we don’t want her to suffer. Look how sad she is. She can get up on the couch but is still very uncomfortable; poor girl!

We have chosen a stud!

Hello! We have chosen a stud for our Ori and are excited about the prospect of a new batch of puppies!

Hopefully we have a successful breeding.  If so, puppies are expected around March 10. We will confirm pregnancy on Jan. 31 with Ultrasound. Jackson’s details (“Flying Curls Jackson”) in Santa Barbara.  Wisdom Panel shows him to be clear on all Lagotto inherited disease and a perfect genetic match for Ori.

Here are Jackson’s credentials, below!

Looking for a puppy?

So many folks are looking for a Lagotto Romagnolo puppy as they are cute, smart, loyal and great companions that do not shed, and often suitable for many with allergies. There are not so many reputable breeders to suit that need. The answer is that if you are sure a Lagotto puppy is the only breed for you, be prepared to wait. Currently, we have several hundred inquiries waiting for news of upcoming litter. We cannot add anymore names, but will try to respond to inquiries.

We are hopeful that our girl Ori will have a successful litter. If so, we shall know soon.

No puppies!

So sad to find out that our much anticipated pregnancy wasn’t successful and Ori isn’t going to have puppies.  Long wait until we can try again.  The stud dog was diagnosed and treated for cancer, so we are not sure if that had any effect.  We were really looking forward to this match.

Truffles in Texas!

We moved to Georgetown, Texas in spring 2018.  Recently I found out there are Pecan Truffles in our county.  We are excited to go find them once they are ripe.  They ripen in summer to fall.  I haven’t seen or tasted Pecan Truffles but I understand they are tasty!  Ori has been practicing NoseWork and I want to see how she can do with locating truffles underground.

Catching up on news!

I had issues of signing on but now am back!  Giuditta went back to her breeder in hopes she will be able to eventually be bred.  She has aced all her tests, has done some limited showing.  Our hoped-for breeding of Ori was a miss, so no puppies for a while.  We will try again in late spring.  She is having a lot of fun in NoseWork and doing well at it.  Vando is making weekly visits to Juvenile Court in Williamson County.  We stay with the youth as they await their time with the judge.  We hope to make a small difference in their lives.

Future breeding plans

We had hopes of breeding Giuditta this summer but she came into season 2 months earlier than expected.  We had not completed her hip/eye/ and DNA testing, so we could not breed her.  Hopefully she will come into season again before the end of the year and we can plan a litter.  The sire we have chosen for her is a wonderful boy named Barbelo whom we have used with some of our other girls with great success.  Check Giuditta’s page to see updates on her health testing as we complete them.

June 8, 2017