Bad Hair!

Ori had never been to a boarding facility, or ever been groomed by anyone but me. The place she stayed while we vacationed in Europe said they give the dogs baths before we return. I guess they decided Ori needed to see better and they shaved the hair on the bridge of her nose. That is a poodle trim, but a Lagotto should not have that hair shaved off.

Future breeding plans

We had hopes of breeding Giuditta this summer but she came into season 2 months earlier than expected.  We had not completed her hip/eye/ and DNA testing, so we could not breed her.  Hopefully she will come into season again before the end of the year and we can plan a litter.  The sire we have chosen for her is a wonderful boy named Barbelo whom we have used with some of our other girls with great success.  Check Giuditta’s page to see updates on her health testing as we complete them.

June 8, 2017